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J. Nicole Jones - The Grief Bully

March 16, 2021

J. Nicole Jones - The Grief Bully

Episode Introduction

When times are hard and grief has hit over, how do you know if you really want to feel better? Sometimes, life wants us to embrace the happy and sad times and not run away from them. But when grief robs you off of life’s joys, allow yourself to bully it in return.

Wondering if you could actually do that? Join me on this episode of the Redefining Grief podcast as I interview speaker, podcast host of the Grief Bully podcast, and life impactor, .J. Nicole Jones. She plans to impact your life by communicating to you that you have to learn how to thrive, create a healthier place for yourself, and learn the importance of managing your grief journey. Listen in!

Nicole has experienced loss in extreme ways in her life. It all began in 2013 when she faced the death of her friend. Then, in 2016, her grandmother died. When things had been settling slowly, in 2019, she lost her father also. This was when grief started taking her downhill. She realized people needed to have open conversations about their pain and sufferings to bully grief in its overpowering form. Her podcast, she says, is a vehicle for other people to share their stories. And that works as a coping skill.

We learn today how the five grief anchors can actually help you in your healing journey. Sometimes, people do not realize how they become so familiar in their grieving that they do not make an effort to or want to come out of it. The trauma, the pain, the agony, the discomfort, all of that becomes familiar. And it feels more comfortable to be there. Nicole
suggests asking yourself deep down if you really want to come out of it. This could then be the beginning of your recovery and happiness.

Nicole’s podcast and her social media are all about educating individuals on grief, especially if you have lost someone. Telling also that you’re not alone in the process, her words make you feel good. To know there is somebody else spreading this right message that you too can be empowered, enlightened, and educated about your grief journey, is therapeutic in itself.

If you have been struggling to embrace life and explore its opportunities and joys for grief always clouded your sight, these few minutes of listening would do the magic for you!

About Our Guest
J. Nicole Jones is a speaker and podcast host of the Grief Bully podcast. In addition, Nicole is a Life Impacting Communicator and the author of the successful guided journal, "The Grief Bully". She educates people through her platforms on how to create a healthier, thriving, and manageable grief journey. The New Jersey native and incredibly motivated individual is adept at making anyone understand that grief is normal to human existence and that you are never alone in the process.

Episode Quotes
● “Your anointing has an audience.” - Nicole [10:32]
● “I strongly believe when we take the time to examine our heart, we open ourselves to the possibility of healing.” - Herdyne [17:55]
● “If you haven't experienced it, I do think sometimes it's hard to really be as empathetic to them as it might need.“ - Nicole [19:23]
● “We know that grief is like your DNA, very unique for you and your healing process. And that roadmap is going to be different for you.” - Herdyne [22:22]
● “When you're shining your light on the world. Be careful that your own backyard doesn't get too dark. ” - Herdyne [25:05]

Redefining Grief Pearls of Wisdom, P.O.W., Questions

● What have you learned about yourself since redefining your grief journey? [31:52]

That I trust me. I trust myself and my emotions. I don't know if I always did that because I think it came with a certain level of needed vulnerability that can be uncomfortable and scary.

● If today was your last day on earth, and you were granted five words or less? What would it be? [33:35]

Keep the legacy going

● During your hard times, what's that one song that just gets you through? [35:48]

It ain't over by the Clark sisters.

Episode Time-Stamps

● [09:12] - Nicole shares her life story with us
● [18:36] - The grief squad or people who helped her during her trying times
● [22:34] - How her grief squad helped her heal
● [24:14] - Taking the time to recharge oneself
● [26:16] - Why you shouldn’t be neglecting yourself
● [28:56] - Political grief and how it impacts people

Reference Links
● YouTube link to Nicole’s favorite song:
1. It ain't over by Maurette Brown Clark:

● Book:
1. The Grief Bully: A Guided Journal

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● LinkedIn:

● Instagram:

● Facebook:

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