Redefining Grief with Herdyne Mercier, LCSW

Jessie May Wolfe: HeartRise Movement

March 12, 2021

Jessie May Wolfe


Episode Introduction


Some of us have a wall around our hearts that we're afraid to allow through or break. Do you realize this is robbing you of living your life's purpose? If you need to set free from its clutches, I firmly believe that this episode will help you.  Tune in today as I converse with Jessie May Wolfe, a brave heart leader, speaker, visionary, and founder of the HeartRise movement, which was born out of her genuine curiosity to understand how interconnected we all are.


Jessie shares being an empath ever since she could remember. She recollects that she has always been super-sensitive and a very heartful person, that heartfulness has been her guiding light in her life's journey. She advocates acknowledging the places and spaces or experiences that bring up hard memories because usually there's resistance. It helps in not letting ourselves feel there the resistance.


Losing her father, which she did eight years ago, was on multiple levels, a profound grief experience in her life. Her sister was pregnant and due in two weeks, and all of it added to the trauma. She shares how she stayed and spooned her mother for a month and cried it out until she could reorient herself and felt through it. In her words, "The heart is so the epicenter of who I am and what I believe makes us all who we are, that connection with someone we love; to lose them really is the sort of emancipation of the most intense grief that I've ever experienced." Following this was the loss of her fur baby, which also hit her hard.


To anyone who's feeling stuck, Jessie explains why bringing our hands to our heart and just taking some long, easy breaths might help alleviate the pain at most times. We have an instinct to know that this is our emotional center, our resource center.


We all want to believe in the heart, but we're doing it from the head. We want to breathe and just let ourselves feel what is actually in there that we've been holding. 'Rise' in the HeartRise preaches just that. Rise stands for Radiant Integral Soul Energy. Jessie voices the rhythm of see, feel, free, and flow to help you live through your grief journey.


With this, I welcome all of you to the Women Wisdom Freedom series! I hope this episode lights the way out through your grief experiences. Join in!



About Our Guest


Jessie May Wolfe is a brave heart leader, speaker, and visionary. She empowers teams of creatives, entrepreneurs, and executives around the world using the HeartRise Method. Following her gift of heartfulness and empathy, Jessie started the movement to help people heal through their grief journeys. HeartRise was born out of her genuine curiosity to understand how interconnected we all are.


Episode Quotes


  • “I think of all the clients who have built really a wall, and certain clients have really built a cemented wall around their heart because they don't ever want to feel that first heartbreak again.” - Herdyne [10:29]
  • “We've actually been taught to really discard our feeling wisdom, or that emotional sort of capacity.” - Jessie [11:29]
  • “I'm carrying the torch for the heart in him that never got to fully heal, and I believe so for many men, and I'm called to work with men. And I initially began working primarily with women, but I see how much the heart of so many men aches and hurts and is so hard and because they haven't been given permission to be free to release to feel.“ - Jessie [20:57]
  • “And every time you put handcuffs on your emotions, you are locked up from not being able to get access to the next best thing in your life.” - Herdyne [24:04]
  • “We get stuck at that place where the emotional blockages reside.”- Herdyne [24:58]



Redefining Grief Pearls of Wisdom, P.O.W., Questions


  • What have you learned about yourself since redefining your grief journey? [41:14]


I have learned that I am stronger when I allow myself to fully come through it. That the courage lives on the other side of coming undone.



  • If today was your last day on earth, and you were granted five words or less? What would it be? [42:37]


I love you


  • During your hard times, what's that one song that just gets you through? [44:40]

‘Hallelujah’ and ‘You Are My Sunshine’.


Episode Time-Stamps


  • [03:46] - Introducing Jessie May
  • [07:30] - Learn about the heart movement
  • [16:14] - Jessie shares her life journey with us
  • [26:54] - Jessie’s advice for the grief crusaders
  • [41:10] - Jessie answers Redefining Grief’s POW questions



Reference Links

  • YouTube link to Jessie’s favorite songs:

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  1. You are my sunshine:


  • Book:
  1. Believe Bigger by Marshawn Evans Daniels.


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