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Marshawn Evans Daniels:Believe Bigger

March 30, 2021

Marshawn Evans Daniels

Episode Introduction

Do you want to discover the path to your life’s purpose? However hard the course may appear to you, this episode would change your belief altogether. I welcome on the show today Marshawn Evans Daniels, a reinvention strategist and life coach, mentoring women worldwide to live bolder in the areas of faith and business. As a serial entrepreneur, TV personality, creator of the Godfidence movement, and founder of SHE Profits, she helps women turn ideas into income and faith into action!

Learn how you can step into your life’s mission by believing bigger. Marshawn shares the 5 keys that can take you to achieve that. Listen in!

Marshawn shares how it all started and how she was brought to this point in life where she chose to be a coach. It was six days before her wedding that she found out her fiancé was cheating on her. More intimidating was the fact that she had just left her law firm- a successful sports agency managing NFL, NBA players, and WNBA players. It was the fastest-growing woman in sports agency in the country in less than a year. Her first client was the highest-paid defensive in the NFL. Life was all good. But she let it go. And that too, for the wedding. She compromised on her choices to go for something that gave her more happiness and fulfillment. Love, to her, was more substantial than business, and becoming a mom to three kids was something that tapped into real significance. 

After that incident, she opened Believe Bigger, with the story of how she found out on a Monday morning before her Saturday wedding while her fiancé is on the plane that he had been cheating all along. She got out of the slumber to create a promising life ahead.

Marshawn shares the 5 stages to believing bigger and living your life’s purpose. Firstly, face it to fix it. The five words that most of us are embarrassed to say out loud is “I don’t know my purpose.” So, discovery is the first step.

Secondly, know what you want to be. Discover your talent. Next up, break out of your comfort zone. God didn’t put us here for the purpose of retirement.

The fourth is knowing your gifts. Find out what you were designed to be in life. Lastly, know your influence. Your life is not your own. You have been brought to this for some reason. Uncover that.

As you listen through this episode, ask yourself what your story, purpose, and voice are? The best is within you and is waiting to manifest through you.

“Have you stopped believing?”


About Our Guest 

Marshawn Evans Daniels is a reinvention strategist, founder of the Godfidence movement, and is a millionaire faith and business mentor to everyday individuals looking to build an extraordinary life and business. She is also a serial entrepreneur, TV personality, and founder of SHE Profits, where she helps women turn ideas into income and faith into action. She has authored 2 books - Believe Bigger and 100 days of believing bigger. 


Episode Quotes

  • “Purpose isn't about what you do. The purpose is a byproduct of who you are, it's the function of your life, it's the essence of who you are, it's actually more personality-based than producing.” - Marshawn [11:34]
  • “It's important for us to understand there are certain things that we've learned that have been navigating our lives that have gotten us here, but it won't get us to where we're designed to be.” - Marshawn [15:32]
  • “One of the things I dare you to actually be bold enough to believe about yourself is, that you are an addict. “- Marshawn [18:26]
  • “Curiosity is the seed of greatness, it is the doorway into your calling, but you can't enter into your calling and have a burning bush moment if you're not curious enough, because it's curiosity that enables us to see the bush that's burning.” - Marshawn [19:46]
  • “Every life shift first begins with a mind shift. And the Split Rock comes in the disruption, comes in the betrayal, comes into your life to break you up with an outdated version of yourself.” - Marshawn [26:49]
  • “We're taught retirement not reinvention. We're taught predictability, not peculiarity. - Marshawn [28:16]


Episode Time-Stamps

  • [07:03] – Marshawn introduces herself
  • [10:36] – Why we don’t know our purpose
  • [14:00] – Five stages
  • [22:30] – Her life story and infidelity
  • [25:36] – What do you mean by the gap? 


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