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Rho Thomas - The Power Of Self Love

April 27, 2021

Rho Thomas: The Power Of Self Love

Episode Introduction

When was the last time you thought to yourself that you were more important than anybody else, that it was only when you took care of yourself that you could take care of others and be fully functional? If you've been missing out on prioritizing yourself, this episode is for you.

Today, I speak with Rho Thomas, an attorney and financial coach who believes that true wealth is having control of your time. I describe Rho as a woman who is not only self-anchored but truly loves herself.

Rho talks about her naïve shift to motherhood and how she lost herself to parenting and responsibilities. By the time she had her second child, she had understood that she needed to go to therapy. One question from her therapist changed her way of thinking completely- "What do you want to be?". While she was explaining how she was failing as a mother, a wife, and a lawyer, her therapist made her realize that she couldn't be any of the above without making time for herself. Rho started to spend time in the morning by reading the Bible, praying, and just being herself, which made all the difference, especially during the pandemic.

Rho talks about her truth in life. She did not value herself the way that she valued everyone else in her life. It was when things were falling that she realized she had to put herself first.

Rho says that her therapist and her husband were the two most essential connections she had in life. She also discusses the importance of being financially independent. Rho explains that financial freedom to her is in control, staying flexible with her finances and having time in life. Towards the end, she tells how our mindset is everything. She also talks about the financial bondage we put ourselves into due to our entitlement mentality and comparing tendencies with others' lives.

Tune in to the episode to learn Rho's incredible transformative journey in life.


About Our Guest 

Rho Thomas is a trademark lawyer and financial coach who helps lawyers regain control of their time, build wealth, and live the lives of freedom and choice they deserve. She is also the host of the Wealthyesque podcast.


Episode Quotes

  • “Telling the truth truly liberates the soul.”- Herdyne [00:58]
  •  “Our mindset is everything. “- Rho [33:11]
  • “The story that you tell yourself is optional.” - Rho [33:47]
  • “Trying to like comparison just never leads to good things.” -  Rho [33:47]
  • “Your life is unique to you.” - Herdyne [37:50]
  • “Being able to have that control to take back control of your life is so important.” - Rho [39:20]


Redefining Grief Pearls of Wisdom, P.O.W., Questions

  • What have you learned about yourself? [40:24]

I've learned that I am the most important person in my life, like if I'm not okay, I can't show up for other people to make sure that they're okay. And then the second thing is, I've learned that I can do hard things, like, going through and really facing that debt.

  • If today was your last day on earth, and you had five words or less, what would they be? [41:17]

Don't forget to live.

  • During your hard times what song gets you through? [42:59]

Hezekiah walker - Grateful


Episode Time-Stamps

  • [07:58] – Herdyne describes Rho Thomas
  • [08:13] – Rho’s shift to motherhood 
  • [12:02] – Herdyne’s wifeidence 
  • [20:02] – Rho shares her truth
  • [26: 30] – Rho’s drive 
  • [33:11] – Our mindset is everything
  • [34:06] – Financial freedom


Reference Links

  • YouTube link to Rho’s favorite song: 

Hezekiah Walker – Grateful


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