Redefining Grief with Herdyne Mercier, LCSW

Tanya King: I Was Here

May 12, 2020

Do you find yourself stuck in your grief story? Are you asking, "Why me?". Can a shift in perspective have you look at grief differently? In today's episode, Herdyne has a heart-to-heal wisdom chat with Tanya King. 

Tanya believes with persistence, dedication, and passion Tanya joined the direct selling world and reached the top in record time. Tanya grew up seeing first-hand what it meant to work hard and selflessly. Her mother held several jobs at once just to make ends meet. She watched her mom work day and night, sleeping on the couch just so her children could have a space to call their own. This is why when the opportunity to take control of her future presented itself, she seized the moment. Now after sixteen plus years of leading teams to new heights, and raising the bar for any upcoming entrepreneur, she is excited about the next chapter!


This drive and desire to create has always been a part of Tanya’s life, she just needed the right vehicle! No matter what company Tanya has worked with she consistently established her brand and motto as LIFE, Living in Faith and Focus Every Day! It is not just a name or a brand she slapped on a shirt, it was a way of living for her. LIFE is a vision to create without limits. To inspire without fear. To surrender to the divine process.


To live your LIFE how you’ve always dreamt it would be. When people see the word LIFE, Tanya wants them to feel like master creators. She wants them to know they are enough! Your LIFE is yours. What are YOU willing to create? That’s the vision you will capture when you are Living in Faith and Focus Every Day!






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